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What is TrüBlü?
The overarching concept behind the ü logo mark is a connection between the designer and the client during the design process. In any type of communication there are two components, a signal and a receiver. Ultimately there is interference between the two despite any conscious efforts to minimize these. Effective design minimizes this noise and any interferences that may occur. The TrüBlü logotype is a representation of the connection of design with art and the same relationship that reflects upon the design process.
TrüBlü can be broken up into two sides, the Trü and the Blü. These two sides are reflected by each other, are interdependent and thrive when they are balance. The side of Trü is the physical, data driven, analytical side whereas the Blü side is the spiritual, intuitive, emotional.
The initials of T and R are the first letters of my first and last name and represents the tangible part of myself as a designer. Being “true” is a term relating to having straight edges and qualities that represent quantitative results.
The first two letters of B and L are representative of the intangible part of self expression or the other. The color blue is associated with open spaces including the sky and ocean. It represents freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity.
These two sides are equally important and need to be balanced with each other in design, art and life in general to ensure the optimal communication between a message's intended audience.  The relationship between a client and their designer is based on belief, trust and communication. I value that relationship and desire to provide clients with the best possible solutions.
Who is Rick Thomas.
Rick is the person behind the TrüBlü brand and would love to help you with your design or art projects. Born and raised in San Luis Obispo, CA he enjoys designing and illustrating and learning new skills. Just recently he’s been brushing up his web development and learning Javascript. In his free time he can be found getting inspiration out in nature at the ocean surfing, riding his bike to the ocean, hiking to the top of hills to get a glimpse of the ocean or working on his latest art project.
The future of TrüBlü
Eventually the TrüBlü brand plans on including environmental activism through design and the sale of art. Specifically through the donation of a percentage of profits or pro bono projects to local (San Luis Obispo and California) based non profits.
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